Marias Specials

*Served w/ rice & beans

Special Dinner*

Chalupa, chile relleno, taco, enchilada, & tamale


Mole Ranchero*


Carnitas Dinner*

Fried pork tips, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced avocados & onions


Chilaquiles Mexicanos*


Chile Colorado*

Beef chunks w/ red chile sauce served w/ 3 flour tortillas.


Zapata Combo*

Chicken or beef quesadilla topped w/ lettuce, guacamole, sour cream & tomatoes.


Arroz Con Pollo

A bed of Mexican rice topped w/ chicken breast, tomato sauce, avocado, carrots, green peppers, onion & tomatoes


Chiles Poblanos*

Two poblano peppers stuffed w/ cheese, fried in egg batter, covered w/ sauce & sour cream


Spinach Cream Burritos (2)

Flour tortillas rolled around spinach & topped w/ tomato sauce, lettuce, cheese, sour cream & tomatoes


El Grande Burro*

Flour tortilla filled w/ beef or chicken, topped w/ tomato based sauce, lettuce, cheese, sour cream & tomatoes


Burrito Rojo*

Flour tortillas rolled around beef chunks with red chile sauce Served with rice, beans & sour cream


Maria’s Burritos*

Two fried flour tortillas w/ chicken topped w/ melted sour cream sauce, lettuce, cheese & tomato.



Shredded beef or chicken rolled & fried in a flour tortilla. Topped with cheese & salsa, then baked. Served with rice, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole & tomatoes


Pollo Mexicano

Griled boneless breast of marinated chicken, Maria’s style! Served with rice, fresh garden salad & three flour tortillas


Burrito Texano

A hearty burrito stuffed with shredded beef, rice & beans, covered with melted cheese nacho sauce & Pico de Gallo


Burrito Norteño

Burrito stuffed with ground beef or shredded chicken, rice & beans. Topped with lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheese and tomato


Enchiladas Rancheras (3)


Taquitos (4)


Taquitos Maria* (4)


La Mexicanita

A Mexican stew burrito, a chicken tostaguac & cheese enchilada


Mexican Stew*

Chopped steak simmered w/ bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & spices, served with three flour tortillas.


Pollo a La Plancha*

Grilled bonesless breast topped with onion, served w/ lettuce, tomatoes, avocado & sour cream.


Maria’s Sincronizada

Tortilla crust pizza with steak and cheese Served with guacamole, sour cream and tomato


El Jardin

Bean burrito, spinach enchilada & chalupa


El Verde*

Cheese enchilada served w/ poblano pepper


Quesadilla Vegetariana*

One quesadilla grilled with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, squash, carrots & mushrooms


Cream Burritos (2)

Flour tortillas rolled around beef or chicken. Topped with  tomato based sauce, lettuce, cheese, sour cream & tomatoes


Pollo Veggie

A bed of Mexican rice with grilled squash, mushrooms, carrots and onions, covered with a marinated chicken breast, grilled to perfection and served with three flour tortillas


The Two Amigos*

The ultimate combination! A chicken chimichanga & a beef burrito topped w/ cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & sour cream.


Pollo con Crema*

Tender chopped chicken with vegetables sauteed in a melted cream sauce, served with three flour tortillas.


Enchiladas Suizas (3)

Corn tortillas filled with your choice of cheese, chicken or beef & topped with green tomatillo sauce & sour cream. Your choice of rice or beans



Grilled chicken breast with a layer of cheese and Mexican sausage on top. Served with rice, beans & 3 flour tortillas


Queso Fiesta Chicken

Juicy chicken breast grilled to perfection and smothered in a trifecta of melty cheese, fresh spinach, and sweet pineapple. Paired with a flavorful bed of Mexican rice and beans, it’s a celebration on every plate! 💃🏻🍍


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